суббота, 16 апреля 2011 г.

Project Q-Tron

Q-Tron is  a logic and very addictive game the main goal of which is to mark all squares whith one color starting from the upper left corner - the Main Square.

Each time you press the control button the Main Square and adjacent squares of the same color will obtain the color of the control button.

To pass the level you need to cover the whole board with one color.

Q-Tron is available here.

All hail Q-Tron!

суббота, 9 апреля 2011 г.


A new look for a classic puzzle. You will require all your attention and logic skills to sort cookies by kind and defeat the Crazy Baker.
Difficulty rises as you pass through the tasks. So it is a real challenge for your brains.

Some puzzles are really tough. They said that only the Mega Mind can solve it all.

You can try it here.